u n t i t l e d .


I write,

I pour my soul out

here, I serve you

the platter of my doubts.


I succumb,

I fall,

to conversations at three.

I cry,

I weep,

fall teary to sleep.


I hope,

I pray

that you shall see,

that you and I,

we are all

I’ll ever need.


I see,

I bemoan

of what has become of me.

I wither,

I doubt

I drown in my seas.


I write,

I spill

my soul out for you.

I seep in,

I soothe

your love and your blues.


I try,

I try so hard,

I promise,

but the reflections change.

I try

I die sometimes,

I’m sorry,

to see you so estranged.



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