At tender years of life,

He obliterated me.

Shattered my very soul

With monstrous cold hands

And a steely hold.

No bruises to show

Neither scars

Nor wounds,

My eyes spill it all.

What had I done?

Was it all my fault?

I was a mere toddler

Blind to the blemishes of the world.

Every night,

As I shut my eyes

I feel his fingers slicing through my lips

Silencing my piercing cries,

Feeding his hungry soul

On my life.

His silhouette

Darker than my nightmares

Seemed to follow me

Wherever I went.

I was so young,

He should have known.

The coldness of his eyes,

The relentlessness of his words

Seemed to push me

Every moment

Into a darker void

Of nothingness.

I winced in my dreams

To the pain

That shot through my body

Whenever he touched me.

I kept mum

For, I was afraid of his wrath.


I stand here, today

Because of his uncanny thirst.

But don’t you fool yourself

In thinking

That I am a recreant.

I know my worth

And I know my powers.

My blood boils

And my hands shake in rage

To learn that he walks free.

He gets to live a life

To scour his hands off my screams?


I do not know him

But I cry every night

Weak to my knees.

For, I ask myself each day

Why wasn’t I so lucky?

~ ‘Annihilation’ by Kaninika Singh, from Poetry Side of Tumblr by Giulia Colma

Copyright© 2016


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