Why I Stopped Posting

It has been ages since I came back to post something here, but I am sad that this is what it has come down to.

Ever since 2018-19, someone (let’s call her ‘V’, shall we?) has been plagiarising my work. Despite repeated attempts at informing, asking and mailing her about the same, ‘V’ has continued to go on posting my content modified into hers pretending to be 100% original.

Now, this might sound petty but whatever this blog has, big or small, is personal, rather, intimate because that is what the sole purpose of this place was to be — my private space where I won’t fear being judged because like millions of other people here, I will remain anonymous.

Well, as things always twist their way, I have given up trying to use WordPress at all because I hate being plagiarised and served my content through someone so daft. WordPress does not allow ‘reporting’ per se and has rather tedious legal procedures that I do not wish to get into because it will take the last ounce of peace I have.

So, ‘V’, if you are reading this in an attempt to gather more content for your shit business, lay off. The one time I let myself be vulnerable on the Internet, you had to do this to me.

The fact that you are nothing original at all is a tad bit sad. I don’t think you have left anything I, even remotely, liked alone. From my poetry to important people, even singers and bands FFS, and let us never forget how you also blatantly copied and pasted the same damn Bucket list like mine. Brilliant job. Kudos to you! I hope, when you run out of my blogs and interests to copy, you will have grown a mind of your own.

So, I am signing off from here officially. I have no hopes for ‘V’ because what can a human deprived of intellect do. It is sad and brutal, but it is what it is.

I am archiving my posts so that I can still look at some of the amazing comments, tips and the immense love I got from you all. Take care.

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  1. I’m so sorry that you had to go through this! More power to you <3.
    Hope to see you back, one day 🙂

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