Before I Go.

1. Stop worrying for once. B R E A T H E.

2. Get inked.

3. Become more social.

4. Own a dog. Specifically, a Siberian husky.

5. Visit Greece.

6. Learn how to swim.

7. Post anonymous letters to people.

8. Meet my favorite author.

9. Love. Genuinely.

10. Stop crying. (My pillow hates me)

11. Quiet vacation by the ocean.


13. Do a major in Greco-Roman classics.

14. Get a reply from Rick Riordan and Colleen Hoover.

15. Get published.

16. Go to a Coldplay concert.

17. Snowboard.

18. To be able to say ‘no’.

19. Learn to be stronger.

20. Meet The Avett Brothers.

21. Sing an Avett Brothers song on stage.

22. Own a hamster.

23. Parasailing.

24. Jump off a cliff.

25. Become a part of a band.

26. Read near backwaters/ocean.

27. Paint my room blue.

28. Make a best friend.

29. Watch a book adaptation without cringing.

30. Teach women to stand up for themselves and stop whatever is wrong.

31. Cry my heart out under the moon. With no one around. Just me and the wood notes.

32. Write anonymous letters to people.

33. Paint something frame-able.

34. Visit a pen-friend.

35. Visit Camp half-blood (hah, gotcha!)

36. Live. Love. Laugh.

37. Learn all the countries and their capitals.

38. Meet Lana Del Rey.

39. Own a Polaroid camera.

40. Click pictures of sunset and sunrise.

41. Love myself.

42. Post the excerpts from the book that I’ll never write.

43. Go scuba diving.

44. Visit the Admont library, Austria.

45. Sing to the fireflies.

46. Buy birds and free them.

47. Reminiscence old memories at a bonfire.

48. Find a four leaf clover.

49. VENT OUT. (seriously. need to.)

50. Adopt dogs. Yes, adopt.

51. Visit Rome.

52. Stop being an introvert. Just STOP.

53. Write and compose a song.

54. Find my ol’ Rippy :’)

55. Adopt a cat.

56. Play the guitar like a pro.

57. Sleep under the night sky with my dog.

58. Sing to the oceans.

59. To open up about my past, to someone.

60. Talk to strangers.

61. Get spectacles to complete my introvert look.

62. Write Vincent Van Gogh quotes on my wall.

63. Paint a portrait.

64. Bring lilies for mum every Sunday and see her smile.

65. *shall be updated soon*